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Welcome to the New and Improved, Pillow Haus

There's something about the opening day of anything that just invokes universal feelings of excitement, anticipation and intrigue.

Wall Street brokers and investors wait to see how their money is moving as the stock market ebbs and flows. Movie critics eagerly await the next and newest film to critique and review. Kentucky Derby fans sit on the edge of their seats, hoping they've put their faith in the right horse.

It goes without saying, such feelings of anticipation and excitement are alive and well here at Pillow Haus as we prepare to expand and upgrade our product line.

For the past year, we at Pillow Haus have been working on major company improvements to help you better find and purchase some of the world's finest pillows and accents.

Among them, some of the most noticeable changes that have come to our website. After undergoing a major branding update, Pillow Haus is drawing on just how vital the creative process is in our work. You may notice each webpage includes a draft sketch of rooms and accents, particularly - pillows.

We wanted to highlight the value of such a small addition to any room. While we may not always see the world in black and white, our belief at Pillow Haus is details can often make the biggest impact in a space, or even a life. This is why we've made sure to highlight the pillows with bursts of color on each page of our website.

Additionally, we are kicking off our rebranding update with a sale for our designer members. Be sure to register to access our full product line and put Pillow Haus in your next project or spec.

Welcome to Pillow Haus, we're happy to have you along for the ride.

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