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The Art of Accents

When it comes to decor, designers have a toolbox of accents, tools used for tying a room together in the most profound ways.

Some call them knick-knacks, tchotchkes, brick-a-brac, artifacts, or Objet d’Art’, but to designers they are the proverbial "cherry on top." This category of design has many faces, but consistently plays the role of putting the "finishing details," in a space.

These details can range from wood to metal, porcelain to oil painting, floral to carvings and everything in-between. At Pillow Haus, we specialize in soft furnishings and finishes, but that doesn't mean there isn't a place for accents outside the realm of pillows.

For example, many rustic designs are tapping into the raw wood and crate look. While antique crates may not have a place in everyone's home or business, they are the perfect accent to finish off a mountain modern themed room.

Regardless of the accents used, there are guidelines we follow in the design industry when planning out a space. The size of the room, for example, location adjacent to other furniture, wall height, window placement and illumination, all need to be taken into the scope of the placement.

Accent lighting also should be considered during the design process. Putting your ideas to paper is vital, no matter your artistic skill level. Then, when you decide that the time is right, you can hire a designer. We've streamlined the process at Pillow Haus where customers can access our approved dealers to not only facilitate their first purchase, but tie the whole room together if they so choose.

Accessing this wealth of knowledge is well worth the investment to insure the proper layout and visual impact of the collection, especially when it comes to using accents well.

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